How to Stop a Dry Throat Cough


A dry throat cough is a sign of laryngitis problem. Laryngitis is the inflammation of your voice box. This disease caused by irritation or inflammation. Another signs are hoarseness, voice loss, sore throat and rawness of your throat. If we can't prevent this disease, then it can develop into a chronic condition.
According other source, dry throat cough can be caused by allergies, common cold, seasonal flu, air pollution, and other causes. Dust, pollen grains, molds, pets, etc., are some common allergens  which able to lead dry throat cough, usually will appear symptoms such as sneezing, dry cough, nasal congestion, strep throat, headaches and watery eyes. Common cold, a contagious, viral infectious can also as causes. Running nose and sneezing often as symptoms. Seasonal flu, also called influenza, caused by either influenza A or B viruses. The virus mainly invades the nose, throat and lungs, and causes scratchy throat, runny nose, dry cough and high fever. Air pollution can also become one of cause of dry throat cough. Viral or bacterial infections, smoking, alcohol, spicy foods, straining of vocal cord, they are able to be causes of this disease.
Here we will some tips to stop a dry throat cough, which able to help you or your children, especially as first aid before you see a doctor to get some suggestion to recover this disease.
Step 1
Breathe in the moist air. The moist air can provided through a humidifier or hot water. It will soothe the irritation in your throat. You can also inhale steam from a bowl of hot water, or you taking a hot shower this tips will alleviate your dry throat cough.

Step 2
Avoid speaking. You must give rest to your voice box, because it will reduce irritation or inflammation. This tips useful to reduce strain on your vocal cords.
Step 3
Avoid dehydration, keep your throat moist. Drinking a lot of fluids will keep throat moist and prevents your throat from becoming dry. MayoClinic.com suggests chewing gum will keep your throat moist.
Tips above can help you to treat dry throat cough beside you consume medicines which suggested by a doctor. You must be careful with this disease because it linked with voice box, and it is important to treat immediately, in order to keep your communication.

Whooping Cough Symptoms in Children


Whooping cough or usually called pertussis is a highly contagious respiratory tract infection and often attack infants and children. Whooping cough at beginning such as ordinary cold. But when its reach in advanced stages, become severe cough and have a high-pitch when inhale air. The following we will explain whooping cough symptoms in children.
The following are whooping cough symptoms in children. Usually this symptom will appear for a week. At the beginning, symptoms will mild. But after two weeks, appear symptoms such as mentioned below:
1.      Bring up thick mucus
2.      Cause vomiting
3.      Result in a red or blue face
4.      Cause extreme fatigue
5.      End with a high-pitched "whoop" sound during the next breath of air
How is whooping cough spread?
Whooping cough in children can be spread through air, when we contact with peoples or children with whooping cough and they coughs or sneezes, then we inhale air which contain bacterial whooping cough or pertussis, we have opportunity contracting with that disease. Whooping cough in infants and children quite dangerous and potentially fatal. Infants and children very vulnerable with this disease, give a vaccination may can reduce severe of this disease.
How do you prevent whooping cough?
Whooping cough is one of disease which preventable with vaccine and common occurs around the world. To prevent, we can give vaccination in children and everyone around them. The childhood vaccine for whooping cough is called DTaP., usually given to children at 2, 4, 6, and 15 to 18 months of age, with a booster at 4 to 6 years of age. For adolescents and adults is called Tdap. Both protect against whooping cough, tetanus, and diphtheria.
Whooping cough symptoms in children must be considered, because when this disease develops becomes severe, able to threatening life children. Moreover, they very vulnerable against spreading of this disease. Give a vaccination is the best way to prevent and protect them from this disease.

Home Remedies for Coughing Child


Coughing happen because body try release mucus from airways. An irritating coughing cause a sore throat, sore chest muscles and difficult to sleep. When your child attacked by a severe cough, persistent cough, or high fever, should you contact pediatrician. The following we will offer home remedies for coughing child to help parents reduce this disease when they find their child attacked by cough.
Humidify the Air
Barking cough sometime followed by croup. To treat croup at home you can make a steam in the bathroom through hot shower. When the bathroom filled by steam, let your child come in and inhale steam as much as possible about 20 minutes, such as recommended by FamilyDoctor.org. But if your child showing signs respiratory distress like making wheezing sounds, having trouble swallowing or getting a blue or dark tinge on his fingernails and around his mouth and lips, you must bring him to the emergency care to get medical help.
Honey can given to your child when he difficult to sleep because of cough. You can give him one up to two tsps before bed. Mayo Clinic internist James M. Steckelberg, M.D., said that honey is one of substance which able to suppress cough effectively. You can make a cup of warm tea and add honey into it. Honey only suitable for child more than one year old, it dangerous for babies under one year of age, because in some case make infant botulism.
Cough Drops and Cool Drinks
When your child experience coughing with a ticklish throat, cough drops or cool drinks can be reduce the irritation. According to  Kids Health, you should avoid carbonated beverages and orange juice, because both may cause sore throat. Cough drops suitable for child more than four years old, because child under four years old can experience choking.
Herbal Remedies
In addition home remedies above herbal remedies also help to calm coughing child. But before you use it, should you contact your child's pediatrician. Because some herbal remedies inappropriate for your child's age. Peppermint is one of natural decongestant, believed able to be an expectorant. Eucalyptus also effective for colds and coughs. Vicks VapoRub can also reduce coughing child. According to University of Maryland Medical Center, slippery elm, licorice, sundew and thyme are herbal remedies for coughs.
Home remedies for coughing child can be alternative medicines, but you must be careful, because not all home remedies suitable for child according his age. And your child shows a severe cough, you have to call a pediatrician immediately to prevent condition worsen.

Some Causes and Treatments Cough for Kids


A variety of causes cough in kids. So, it is important to understand causes as well as treatments cough for kids. Treatment of cough for kids which suitable with your kids will help to calm cough and make your kids easier to sleep. But you must consult to the doctor before give medicines and treatments. The following are explanation about causes and treatments of cough for kids according to cause of cough.
Croup is one of cause of cough, especially for cough which result sound such as dog barking or a seal. This disease caused by virus which can treated by prednisone, this medicine will open the airways and help kids breathe easier. Parents should contact a doctor to ask an appropriate dose before you give it to your kids. Croup often to be worse at night, and if your kid having problem breathing, you should take him to the emergency room.
Asthma can also to be cause of cough in kids, this disease caused by swell of airways. Treating asthma is the best way to cure this type of cough. Give inhaler to treat this symptom often suggested by doctor. Moreover, doctor will give a long-term medication to keep asthma symptoms at bay.
Cold or Flu
Cough in kids which caused by cold or flu, home remedy such as a cup of tea or a bowl of chicken noodle soup may calm a cough. Give a glass of water or apple juice sometime make cough worse, but use a humidifier may reduce cough at night, because moisture air will make it easier for your kid to breathe. If his cough not reduced, you can give him a cough syrup such as recommended by pediatrician.
Acid Reflux
Acid reflux can be cause of cough, this problem caused by the esophagus doesn't close all the way, so some acid enter to esophagus and make a coughing reflex. You can give your kid Tums or Rolaids according to label directions. For long-term treatment usually doctor give Zantac. This medicine will help kids with this disorder.
Some causes and treatments cough for kids may useful for all parents, to help their kids when they attacked by cough which caused by some diseases such as mentioned above. Because, if we know what the cause of a cough, we will able to make sure an appropriate treatment to recover it.

Green Mucus Cough


Mucus can also as post nasal drip which produced by throat and lots of coughing. Mucus usually colored green or yellow, but sometime accompanied by blood spots.  Green mucus cough often considered to be a dangerous. Actually, green mucus is natural activities of body to throw out toxins. When virus or bacteria attack the body, immune system fight with them and mucus as an effect.
Green Mucus Cough and Sore Throat
Sore throat often linked with cough which produces mucus. Allergies become one of cause of sore throat which produces dry cough and a light-colored mucus. A strep bacterium (unfriendly bacteria) is one of the prime causes of a cough and sore throat which involves green mucus. Moreover virus can also as cause of green mucus cough. Chronic sore throat sometime produces white, yellow, green, and bloody mucus. Green mucus cough often happen in the morning, and usually attack kids. The main cause of green mucus cough is common cold virus. The body will produce mucus when attacked by virus, whether for adult or child. Antibiotic just suitable for cough caused by bacterial infection, and didn't suitable for viral infection. But you should consult with a physician before you consume medications.
Green Mucus Cough and Blood
Green mucus which accompanied with blood may come out from mouth, throat, nose, voice box, wind pipe (trachea), lungs and stomach. People who attacked by this disease must be seek medical care. Sometime blood which appear with green mucus as effect of a tiny scratch in the throat. Smoking, dry cough, bronchitis, tuberculosis, bacterial pneumonia and pulmonary embolism, often as causes of green mucus cough with blood. Patients who attacked by asthma can also produce green mucus cough with blood. People with green mucus cough and blood must be treated by medical help.
All explanation about green mucus cough above expected help patients to be careful with their disease. Because green mucus cough can categorized as dangerous disease, so need to know cause and appropriate treatment according to physician.

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