AGS Capital Group Support Investment in Australia with New AGS Australia Fund


AGS Capital Group, LLC has built a new segregated portfolio and planned to support business under AGS Australia Fund to invest in Australia. The Reserve Equity Financing investment which used by AGS Capital Group, LLC utilized to provide fund for qualified company.

AGS Capital Group is one of company which offer Reserve Equity Financing, with long term strategic financing partnership, and expected will solve problem funding partner company.

Allen Silberstein, Fund Chief Investment Officer said that the fund used on equity investments either public companies and private companies which will be listed at a securities exchange during six months of commitment of funding. Furthermore, all of fund will be used for support companies like energy, construction, manufacturing, professional services, mining/resources, healthcare and finance. AGS Capital Group will choose company which grow and difficult to find funding.

Furthermore, Allen Silberstein said, if the company has meet requirements of AGS Capital Group, LLC, management will explain what steps required for the company to get the requested funding.

AGS Capital Group, LLC will fully support investment in Australia, and help fund for qualified company, so they will able to improve the company without burdened by funding problem.

Sunflower Retreats Italy Provide New Yoga Teachers in 2012


Sunflower Retreats, original yoga retreats centre in Casperia Italy, has dream and mission to be the best yoga retreats in Italy, to reach the dream and mission, Sunflower Retreats bring in new yoga teachers in 2012.

Sunflower Retreats, being prepared arrival of some new teachers who will teach in this practice sites. Following list of those teachers:

Lise Baronet from Canada, she is included a qualified yoga teacher has background in ballet and competitive sports. Her awareness of a spiritual leads her to fully embrace the yoga and has the passion to teach others. For more details of Lise please visit to Yoga link.

Patricia Cronin, UK. She has been learning and practicing yoga for 36 years

Katharine West from the UK. She has been working and practicing yoga for 28 years.

Eria Sigtryggsdottir, Iceland has taught yoga for all ages, from children until seniors.

Lise Quish, Dublin. She was introduced and learned to yoga since her in young age. Sunflower yoga retreats centre inspire her to train and meet qualify to teach yoga.

Vanessa Webb, qualified teacher in Vancouver.

All of teacher above are women, and become new teacher in Sunflower's yoga retreats centre.

Furthermore, Lauren Maher from USA. She has deep experience of teaching in yoga centres, hospitals, corporate, and her own private practice.

Lucy Bremner, she willing when necessary, now also gives a 2 year part time Yoga Teacher Training course.

Sunflower Retreats has dream and mission to be the best yoga retreats in Italy, they hope new teacher will help realize their expectation. For more information visit sunflowerretreats.com.

Overland Storage Reveal Significant Cost-Savings With Overland Storage SnapServer NAS Solutions


Overland Storage (NASDAQ: OVRL), one of trusted global provider of easy data management and solutions of data protection during the data lifecycle. Today unveiled the results independent or third-party research, which indicating that financial services customers who deploy Overland Storage SnapServer NAS solutions, get significant cost-savings at once improved storage performance and flexibility.

TechValidate is an organization as an independent research, used a questionnaire to collect either quantitative and qualitative data based on user experience about product efficiency and business benefits during they use Overland Storage financial services customers are take utility of SnapServer line of network-attached storage.

According to their research TechValidate found that company in financial services field estimated the annual growth of data about 20-30%. When they Utilizing Overland Storage’s SnapServer NAS, cost more effective for management of data and growth of storage needs.

Most of Financial Services Companies Utilizing SnapServer NAS Solutions

For The Assistance of Asset Recovery, meanwhile in Healthcare Billing Agency used for Supporting Data Growth Needs.

Overland Storage (NASDAQ: OVRL), one of trusted global provider of easy data management and solutions of data protection during the data lifecycle. Through an integrated range of technologies at once services for primary, offline, nearline, archival, and cloud data storage. Found more information at www.overlandstorage.com


AALTCI and CLTC Hold First National Industry Conference


The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) and the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. provide a national industry conference and Certified in Long-Term Care" (CLTC) designation program.

This conference expected to be milestone and truly give benefit for all, especially for company which cooperating with two leading national organizations in the three-day conference. The Summit is event for nation’s largest industry which specifically focused on sale and marketing of long-term care insurance products.

The 2012 Summit planned on November 10th-12th2012 and choose place at the Tropicana Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada and become the 10th national event organized by the Association.

Harley Gordon, President of the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc said that he and his crews look forward this conference will result some ideas and show to producers how to create new markets with most effective ways. Moreover he said that CLTC’s top trainers will help to organizing 10,000 insurance professionals who have earned the CLTC designation for a special daylong advanced program.

The 2012 Summit program will present some 25 different workshops especially about selling and marketing long-term care insurance which involve multi-life and asset-based products. This program expected gives a value to producer at once for highly seasoned specialist.

More information of the 2012 Summit program able to obtained through Association offices at (8187) 597-3227. And The American Association for Long-Term Care Insurance (AALTCI) and the Corporation for Long-Term Care Certification, Inc. hope give some benefits for all parties who linked with the national industry conference.


CEWA Technologies' Solar Dish as Alternative Energy Resource Provided for Commercial Application


CEWA Technologies, Inc, Bethlehem, is one of company which moves to produce energy from solar technology. And for first time the company provide new solar dish for commercial application. For first prototype was build on the rooftop of the Flat Iron building in Southside Bethlehem on January 14 as first test place .This solar dish expected become a technological breakthrough to produce thermal energy which cheaper than existing technologies, so this energy more competitive than fossil fuels, and without depend on government subsidies.

CEWA provide (designs and manufactures) point of concentrator solar dishes, using existing materials with special and unique design. This solar collector prototype able to provide 30kW of energy, this device has greater efficiency if compare with existing solar collectors.

The solar dish easy to install, operate, and able to maintain in variety of applications and terrains. The product useful for space heating, HVAC, or electricity generation, so feasible to sold to institutional, industrial, and utility customers.

J. Paul Eisenhuth, Chief Executive Officer of CEWA Technologies said that CEWA’s solar dish will become choice for energy alternative resource around the world and this technology will experience dramatically acceleration, and the user didn't need depend on government support.

In this project CEWA supported by the Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Development Program in 2010 and invest $146,000, Ben Franklin also invest $49,000 through the U.S. Department of Energy in 2011. Moreover, the company has also got support from the Southside Bethlehem Keystone Innovation Zone and The Stone House Group, Bethlehem. The solar dish wills installed on Flat Iron Building of Stone House Group which receive substantial financial to support the installation.

CEWA Technologies' Solar Dish will be alternative energy resource which provided for commercial application and expected able to be choice thermal energy resource with charge cheaper than existing technologies, at once without depend on fossil fuels and government subsidies.

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