Mayweather vs Ortiz - Calls for revenge Oscar De La Hoya


After a rather controversial end to a high-profile fight, there are some calls for a rematch between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz.

Oscar De La Hoya, the former champion and current boxing promoter, believes that Mayweather did not win the right after a fast start followed by a knock out Ortiz intentional headbutt.
"I will fight for Ortiz to have a rematch," said De La Hoya, on Twitter "I feel Mayweather Ortiz looked good and looked good."

De La Hoya said Ortiz deserved header having two points deducted instead of one, but also describes Mayweather reprisals as "dirty tricks".

"I made some mistakes tonight and I apologize to the public, but I definitely want a rematch," said Ortiz after the fight.

After only three full rounds, Mayweather appeared to be winning the battle of two rounds to one. CompuBox statistics showed Mayweather was dominating the fight.

Many say the header Ortiz pitching for sportsmanship, and Ortiz got what he deserved. The arbitrators say boxers "protected at all times" and there was no reason for Ortiz at least not recover or increase his fists.

e La Hoya is not the only one crying for a rematch, since many feel that the result was unsatisfactory, Mayweather did not win the fight convincingly.

The question is: Is Ortiz a grant Mayweather?

Most fans want a megabout between Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao. Both fighters are considered among the best pound for pound fighters in the sport.

Pacquiao Mayweather has given a deadline for a decision in late 2012. The Filipino star also has a big fight in November when faced with Juan Manuel Marquez a third time. Marquez is not far behind, and in the last two fights that hurt Pacquiao.

A Mayweather - Ortiz rematch could adversely affect the ability of Mayweather - Pacquiao fight will be worth $ 100 million.

For a long time promoter Bob Arum said the fight was no chance that it will fall, as both fighters have come and gone in the issue of drug testing enchancing performance.

On the other hand, Mayweather does not want to give Ortiz another rematch, because it can get a prize if he fights Amir Khan. The British fighter quickly is a big draw in Europe, which means that Mayweather can stand to make a lot of money in the fight.

Scarlett Johansson Pictures Alleged Hacker Tweets Response


Monday the Scarlett Johansson pictures alleged hacker took to Twitter with a bold response. Basically, "Hollywood Leaks" (HL) tweeted for the public to just back off, as it did not release nude pictures of ScarJo.
As the buzz around the posting of naked Scarlett Johansson pics swirled around the Internet, the supposed ring leader of the stolen photographs surfaced to defend itself against the leak.
Just like many well-known cyber-terrorists, "Hollywood Leaks" has never been shy about coming forward with its roles in other high-profile nude picture leaks of celebs, according to International Business Times.
Recall the scandal that broke in June about Dancing with the Stars alumna Julianne Hough?
Although her hacked photos pale in comparison to the leaked Scarlett Johansson pictures, "Hollywood Leaks" proudly announced its role in posting those pics months ago.
However, this time the organization vehemently said while media outlets believe it is behind the malicious release of the Scarlett Johansson pics, it would have made sense to post them on its official website first.
"WE DID NOT LEAK THE SCARLETT JOHANSSON PICS, WE WOULD HAVE RELEASED IT HERE FIRST! So stop the speculating!" proclaimed the alleged hackers on Twitter.
In defense of the alleged hackers, the FBI has not officially and publicly announced the name of the responsible party behind the nude picture leaks. However, Zap2it hinted at the possibility HL are the "culprits" responsible.
Whether or not the naked Scarlett Johansson pictures resulted from hacking her cell phone or she leaked them intentionally for publicity, the frequent leaks are getting old—fast.

iPhone 5 Cases A Hoax, claims case-mate


iPhone 5 Blog from within industry consumer electronics Case-Mate claims publicity stunt "a scam" and that the new "iPhone iPhone 4 bumper FITS Apple."

Last week, Case-Mate iPhone 5 publicity stunt was a coup for the community of iPhone, with Case-Mate is the first in good faith, the company's consumer electronics accessories to try to take advantage of the rumors surrounding the imminent release of iPhone 5. Despite the fact that Case-Mate iPhone leaked 5 product pages of the case was more than a thinly veiled publicity stunt, with their current iPhone 4s / 5 page teaser making no claims of confirmation in the very design of the next iPhone the vast majority of the technology community has been complicit in promoting the publicity created Case-Mate, on the assumption that the manufacturer if the iPhone is "confirmed" the form factor and features of the upcoming iPhone.

5 Blog iPhone moved quickly to ask questions right on the veracity of claims and expose fellow flight cases for what it really was: a brilliantly planned publicity maneuver could not confirm much of anything on the iPhone 5, while the injection success of the brand in the Case-Mate iPhone 5 for discussion.

You can read our article on the subject here.

This morning, the iPhone 5 Blog received an e-mail from its own source, a senior executive in the aftermarket consumer electronics, which has insisted for months that the next iPhone will not have a totally new design, but re-use most of the iPhone form factor 4. Your e-mail this morning, confirms this belief, and has some harsh words for the history of Case-Mate:

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